Research has recently shown that England is facing a renewed challenge to ensure there are adequate top-quality teachers. The 2023-2024 teacher job market so far has been extremely competitive due to more adverts chasing less new teachers. Meaning those that are recently graduating are more likely to face tighter recruitment.  

So, what is the Teach in TeachTech? And what is the Tech is TeachTech?

The Teach in TeachTech represents the Assessors, the Coaches, the Mentors, the Teachers, Trainers and Lecturers. It represents the services that we provide to get new qualified teachers through the door.

It’s no secret that we are experts in recruiting for the Training, Skills, Education and Information technology sectors.

Over the years, we have worked with many specialist Training Providers, Colleges, Universities and Businesses that are constantly coming to us for the most talented and passionate engagers within the industry. 

The Teach in TeachTech has helped us establish mutual understanding of what teachers want and that is for TeachTech to help them find a permanent role where they can develop in a supportive environment.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the education sector. We understand that teachers and educational institutions need a recruitment agency that they can trust to find them long term solutions.

We have many years of experience within Training, Skills and Education recruitment. Hence, despite our short existence of 8 years, we have made a significant impact on the permanent placement market. Our team have found the perfect roles for over 300 experienced and inexperienced lecturers, coaches, and assessors. We love, more than anything, helping individuals transition from industry across to education, where they will be supported in working towards qualifications and a career in teaching and coaching the next generation of industry professionals. 

We avoid working with institutions that have a narrow progression structure, a poor support system and a lack of professional recognition as we know that these are the reasons why our candidates will want to leave the profession. Therefore, we avoid red flags that cite excessive workload and challenging working conditions, and work with those that offer a supportive wellness system, flexible working arrangements, and those who aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

As for the Tech in TeachTech, that stands for the technologists that work within the IT sector and have covered an array of areas within their sector and even more exciting those who are now looking to educate the next generation on their journeys in becoming the next budding technologists.

We communicate with candidates from different tech backgrounds and that includes Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Developers, IT Technicians, Analysts and so many more. 

Due to extensive experience within the recruitment and education sector, we can provide advice and guidance to these technologists on how to transition from an industry role to a teaching role. We give them a solid sense of what it will take for someone with their experience to enter the teaching field. We provide advice on different pathways and introduce them to clients who are willing to provide training and support during the transition. We are also able to provide advice on the different qualifications that they can sign up for to get their foot through the door and secure a role within teaching. 

So, the Tech in TeachTech will continue to work with individuals in the Tech sector and also assist with the career change journey others may be pursuing. We do not shy away from a challenge and welcome candidates from all areas of expertise.

If you are seeking a permanent role within the IT or education sector and want to work with a recruitment agency that will support your journey and get you through that door, then TeachTech Solutions is here to support and guide you every step of the way. 

Now we have enlightened you on what the Teach and the Tech stand for in TeachTech, let us tell you the TeachTech secret to a great candidate experience.


Did you know that positive candidate experience makes a candidate 38% more likely to accept a job offer? So why not be part of that percentage.


When speaking with a candidate, ask yourself: 


  • How can I make this process smooth for my candidate?
  • Am I providing clear and concise information? 
  • Is my candidate prepared for this interview?


These questions should not be overlooked, and this is why we at TeachTech solutions know the importance of asking them.


Our candidates are very important to us and when speaking to them we ensure that our candidates understand what to expect from the hiring process and the services we offer to elevate their experience. Especially if it is a candidate going through a career change, such as from a Web Developer to a Tainer or a Lecturer to a Curriculum Lead. We must ensure that they know what they want and that this is the right position for them in terms of progression and change.


Our services help candidates have a smooth and positive interview experience and we do it by providing them the following: 


  • Preparation 

We ensure our candidates are prepared from start to end, so that we can be a part of their success. This gives the candidate a great experience which leads them to talking about our employer brand which can encourage more applications. And the preparation offered gives them an experience to remember and store for future positions.


  • Increased interview performance

We want to invest in our candidate’s success as much as we can when a candidate is well-prepared, they can provide more detailed and relevant answers during the interview which can result in a positive impression on the interviewer.


You cannot expect a candidate to know it all if you do not provide them with the most up to date job description and resources. 


  • Reduced anxiety and stress

We can all agree that interviews can be stressful no matter how many practice runs you have had and especially if you are unsure on what to expect. We ensure that our candidates are prepared and stress free before starting the interview by simply asking “Are you ready for this interview?” 


  • Promote fairness 

No matter what the level of the role is, we ensure to treat all our candidates with the same level of respect and to offer the same service to everyone. We at TeachTech Solutions promote fairness and equal opportunities as much as possible to allow our candidates to showcase their skills and competencies.


With all of the above provided, it’s then on to our clients to provide us with that extra push of support. We require support from our clients to ensure that our candidate can get the best possible outcome from the process.


We are very transparent with both our clients and candidates. We ensure that the standard is set and that our candidates know what their options are. Before being offered the position, we ensure that the candidate is provided with the company benefits, organisational structure and plans before they make their final decision. 


We do this to ensure that the decision is theirs and not a decision made through internal opinions of the company and what we mean by this is, listing the actual benefits of working for our clients in real time, based on the conversations had and literature provided to us by the future employer. 


We make the list as clear and concise as possible. Such as you will have access to free hot drinks, you have the option of working from home, you will be working flexible hours, your travel expenses will be covered when working form home, what details will be relayed in your contract, what to expect from your induction process, reference checks and so on…


Seriously, all of this so called fluffy stuff often plays a huge part in the decision making process and it is essential that candidates have the information and time to digest and factor in all pros and cons, unhidden. What this ultimately leads to for everyone is fantastic retention rates, something we at TeachTech Solutions value above any KPI set out within the recruitment industry. Even during the interview stages, our clients are expected to be honest with our candidates on the following areas:

  1. The realities of the job and what it’s like to work at their company
  2. To be honest as to why they have a great work culture
  3. To provide a timeline of career progression opportunities, if any
  4. To discuss the CPD packages and mental health support that they provide and examples of genuine internal investment in people 

If you are seeking assistance with an application or want us to support your journey and get you through that door, then TeachTech Solutions is here for you!

TeachTech Solutions has specialist knowledge and recruitment experience in the Training, Skills, Education, and IT sectors. Understanding the importance of Education, IT in its entirety and IT within Education is what sets us apart from competitors. 

Feel free to continue reading about TeachTech Solutions, what we believe in and what we do best by visiting our LinkedIn page at TeachTech Solutions.