Are you an industry professional with years of experience in Data Analytics, Data Science, Network Engineering or Software development? Have you ever considered sharing your knowledge and expertise with the next generation of techies?


One of the most integral elements of a private training provider, college or university having happy, successful learners is the encompassing of hands-on industry knowledge being brought into the classroom. Industry experience from those at the front line of delivery is a pivotal strategy in the development of education. According to many, with the results to prove it, industry experience incorporated into education is an investment that has a payoff in terms of higher learner success rates. This investment in the mentoring and coaching of future techies ultimately enables a more realistic experience of real-world challenges and projects that may be experienced in the workplace.


Businesses have always played an important role in education across various sectors and industries and one of the greatest ways you can add value to our society is to take all that knowledge and experience and pass it on to the next generation. Yes, it is fab when businesses send speakers and mentors to events and even more so, when companies partner with education establishments on projects and future pipelines. But one of the most beautiful ways we get to witness the passing of knowledge is through recruiting industry professionals who, for whatever reason, are at a stage in their life where they are ready to transition from industry to delivery.


These awesome individuals come to us looking for a change, a new direction, a sense of gratification. They want to be able to incorporate and utilise the corporate skills they have learned over the years, things like agile methods, lean thinking and creative community development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. These transformative skills can make all the difference to learners and students who are being prepared for the contemporary workplace and gaining essential skills to help them prepare for the future.


We have worked with many professionals who have successfully made the transition from industry to education and have found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience.


You might not know but your skills are more valuable than you realise. Real-world industry experience is highly valued, especially within further education teaching roles. Many apprenticeship providers prefer to take on people from industry as they come equipped with tons of project experience and hands-on knowledge, so you can directly apply your industry expertise to a teaching role.


Over the last 8 years we have worked with hundreds and helped them secure employment within the education sector. Many think that transitioning to a different role is going back to square one. That is simply not the case when choosing to switch across to a role within education, skills, or training delivery. In fact, it is a job which pushes you to grow and develop, whilst rewarding you every day. It is a profession that values your transferable skills and offers many progression opportunities.


According to research from the Department for Education, 45% of people from the corporate and professional sectors would highly consider a move from the industry across to training and delivery. If they could make a comfortable wage, which they can, and enjoy the benefits of working within the private sector, like annual leave, pension contributions, gym memberships, annual bonuses and more, it is a no brainer.


It is where to start which is often the sticking point. Often people view education as the traditional model of being based in a school, teaching ages 5 years – 16 years, which is not the area in which we at TeachTech Solutions operate. We recruit, predominantly, for Private training providers, colleges, and Universities, all of whom are responsible for educating those from 16 years of age up to retirement age and beyond (if you so wish). They are delivering Apprenticeships, Bootcamps, Degrees, and master’s courses to those in employment who are keen to learn, establish themselves and learn from the best possible mentors, coaches, trainers, and lecturers out there.


Most of our clients are open to employing people directly from industry who have a genuine passion for transitioning to delivery, where they can inspire the next generation. From courses in IT, to Management, Accountancy and Law, all are open to those wanting to become an educator and master within their field.


From experience, we know that changing careers can be daunting and stressful and that’s why many professionals come to us for advice before taking that leap. The transition does not happen overnight, but we are here to guide you and represent you to organisations that will appreciate your skillsets and your desire to make a difference.


The adjustment into education can be an interesting process. There are different courses and qualifications available for you to take to get a better understanding of teaching and the different methodologies used in delivery. We advise our candidates to also speak with educators who they know have come from the industry and transitioned, that way they can understand what they enjoy about their career in education and what they find particularly demanding.


You will find that being an educator is an incredibly rewarding career. It is an opportunity to pass on your knowledge and skills and give someone the chance of a successful career. You will also find that coming from industry experience is attractive to learners as it helps them gain the knowledge and skills that industry really needs, enabling a whole level of respect and engagement.


Educators coming directly from varying industries improve learner outcomes as they provide them with real life examples, and they are more confident in their delivery due to being able to answer questions regarding the latest industry practice.


Teaching and training the next generation of learners in your sector and passing on your knowledge and experience to future talent, can feel hugely rewarding and will give you the opportunity to make a real difference in both a personal and professional capacity.


If you are thinking of transitioning from a corporate or professional career across to the Education and Skills sector, then coming to us will be your first step, enabling us to provide you with several options available to you.


Here is a more detailed description of what we at TeachTech Solutions can offer you:


  1. Research

We can organise an Online Teams call with you to discuss the different routes available and the different types of positions within Education and Delivery that you can apply for, depending on your industry experience. We can also inform you of the varying teaching and coaching qualifications you can enrol on to gain confidence within your adjustment.


  1. Experience

We can help you see the experience you have already gained within your career that are seen as transferable across to Education and skills.


  1. Networking

We will help you connect with different organisations and education professionals to learn more about the field and potential job opportunities.


  1. Training

You do not always need a prior teaching qualification or an academic degree to start teaching. Many of the skills and education providers we work with offer funded training on the job, so you can start immediately.


  1. CV

We will work alongside you to tailor a CV that highlights your transferable skills such as problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills that can be applied to a role and a cover letter that communicates your passion and desire.


  1. Interview preparation

We will help you with job applications and support you throughout the interview stages.


  1. Support

Ongoing support throughout your career, from independent, confidential advice through to helping build your very own team within Education, skills and training.



Now, just because you’re thinking of leaving the industry, it doesn’t mean that you hate it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to it, even though you may feel that way at times.

But the truth is that you don’t have to stay in the same job for your whole life. There are so many other options and choices out there for you and we can help you.

So, if you are looking for a competitive salary, job security, and most importantly job fulfilment, moving from industry to education may be the change for you. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone, there are many people going through the same changes and adjustments as you and there are many who have taken the leap and are now qualified educators and mentors.


Many candidates have been able to confidently make the move across to education and skills delivery through TeachTech Solutions whilst positively impacting the learning of countless learners along the way.

We hope that the advice and guidance you receive from us will remain with you and be a source of support throughout your career because being an advocate for your journey is what we are always working towards. We welcome you to get in touch via email or LinkedIn to discuss the benefits of transitioning across to a role within education, skills, and training.


The TeachTech Solutions Team 😊