• From Industry To Education

    Published On: January 19, 20240 Comments

    Are you an industry professional with years of experience in Data Analytics, Data Science, Network Engineering or Software development? Have you ever considered sharing your knowledge and expertise with the next generation of techies?   One of the most integral elements of a private training provider, college or university having happy, successful learners is the encompassing of hands-on industry knowledge being brought into the classroom. [...]

  • The Teach and the Tech in TeachTech

    Published On: October 18, 20230 Comments

    Research has recently shown that England is facing a renewed challenge to ensure there are adequate top-quality teachers. The 2023-2024 teacher job market so far has been extremely competitive due to more adverts chasing less new teachers. Meaning those that are recently graduating are more likely to face tighter recruitment.   So, what is the Teach in TeachTech? And what is the Tech is TeachTech? The [...]

  • Are Recruitment Agencies Worth IT

    Published On: October 18, 20230 Comments

    No matter the enterprise you are building or what industry you’re in, developments in technology are likely to affect your business at some point or another. Technology continues to advance at a staggering rate, therefore, keeping your finger on the pulse of these changes can often prove to be a big challenge. Gone are the days of simply checking our websites are updated and laptops [...]

  • How Recruitment Agencies Work

    Published On: September 27, 20230 Comments

    Whether you currently have a permanent job or are a contractor, when considering a change you should look into and research interview tips and interview best practise. If you are applying for a new job through a recruiter, then lean on them for recruitment support and make the most of their recruitment expertise. A good recruitment consultant will be more than happy to take the [...]

  • Diversity in Technology Recruitment

    Published On: September 27, 20230 Comments

    Oxford Dictionary definition: Diversity – Noun range of many people or things that are very different from each other. Diversity in the workplace means the quality of including or involving people from a range of various social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, religions, sexual orientations, etc. Diversity in the workplace is about constructing or working towards an all-encompassing atmosphere, the acknowledging of everyone’s differences, [...]