No matter the enterprise you are building or what industry you’re in, developments in technology are likely to affect your business at some point or another. Technology continues to advance at a staggering rate, therefore, keeping your finger on the pulse of these changes can often prove to be a big challenge. Gone are the days of simply checking our websites are updated and laptops synced with updates, we now must consider SEO, AI, Analytics and how all of this effects the successful, or failure, of each and every company.

We have often found, within the recruitment world, that we are not talking enough about IT in its entirety. TeachTech Solutions, having been born a whole eight years ago now, have often been faced with those challenging, hard to fill roles. When a client has a tick list, and the essentials far outweigh the desirables. Within the Technology space you’ll find hiring managers wanting a recruitment agency to find Enterprise Architects who have been working in a permanent role for 3 years minimum and under no circumstances will they consider someone who has been a contractor or small business owner. Or we will get a request for SC cleared JAVA developers who have hands on experience at a minimum of three years, but the salary offered is just shy of £35k per annum.

Or let’s look at the Education, Skills and Apprenticeship sector where requests are made for Data Analyst Trainers who have a degree in Data Analytics, industry certifications, hands on experience working as a Data Analyst, then they have to have already transitioned, at some point, to delivering Data Analytics, where they would have completed a Teaching, Training or Coaching qualification whilst delivering in classroom environments or coaching apprentices one on one. Considering the apprenticeship itself only launched a mere 5 years ago and the pond of experienced coaches and trainers is limited, it’s a big ask. But ask as they do, and we shall go hunting and finding until we tick those boxes.

The benefits and impact of using a strong-willed recruitment agency will often help to reduce time spent searching on your own and often lead to success.

Did you know that 1 in every 67 limited companies registered in the UK is a recruitment agency?

As we approach our 8th year in business, one of our favourite parts of the journey has been developing partnerships and maintaining relationships with clients who have been with us since day one, helping us to build our brand, reputation and change the trajectory of careers for the best.

When we analyse our annual data, it is no surprise why our clients have continued to work with us here at TeachTech Solutions. We have the market knowledge, the recruitment experience, qualifications, and a much wider candidate reach than many due to our extensive 8-year-old company owned database. We provide a service that ultimately reduces hiring time and lowers the risk of negative hires due to our extensive screening process, allowing our clients to maintain high levels of productivity in their workplace whilst still developing and growing their teams.

Our clients mean more to us than just business. Over time, we have developed long-lasting relationships with organisations who understand what we do and value the ways in which we can offer an effective, long-term recruitment partnership. We are not just recruiters; we are cheerleaders and sometimes firefighters for organisations going through both growth and change.

We always aim to understand our clients’ goals, aspirations, and the workplace culture so that we can be part of their development journey and to place highly skilled candidates to meet those aims. One benefit of this approach is that our clients can gain long-term recruitment support as their business grows. Finding top level candidates within the Tech sector and Education sectors can be a tough job, both industries are highly competitive with an ever-changing landscape, whether it’s the arrival of new technologies or the implementation of new guidelines set out by the ESFA and OFSTED, but we are here for it all! Happily, on the trail of success with you.

Safe to say, we don’t just fill roles for our clients; we make time for each other, we are prepared to compromise when necessary, and deliver on our promises. The relationships we have developed over time are strong enough for us to feel confident in trusting what each party has to say, safe in the knowledge that the end goal is achieved.

If you are an IT company, University, Training Provider, Skills and Further Education establishment seeking an honest and strong partnership, with a recruitment agency that will support your business, and your brand, then TeachTech Solutions is here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Often, we find that employers and recruiters alike will trudge through hundreds of CVs, working against a clock of competition – agencies against agencies and employers against employers. It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure good talent and the candidate pool can sometimes fluctuate and feel as though it is shrinking.

But (yes but) – what are we, as employers and recruiters doing to make a difference? How are we helping the candidate pool grow and develop? How long will we moan and have meetings about meetings before attempting to do something pro-active?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a real thing. It is something all organisations, despite sector, or size, should take very seriously. Okay, so we are all busy doing a great job and building a business, running a business, or hey, just moaning about a business. But couldn’t we better use our time to attempt to make a difference in influencing the next generation?

How often do you sit and talk, heck how many meetings do you have about meetings discussing the skills shortage, bemused at the prospect of having a role advertised but no one to attend on the interview date you had so kindly set aside.

Have you heard of Dream IT, STEM Ambassadors, Tech Girls, Teen Tech, Tech Ambassadors – no? That means you are massively lacking in doing anything to help resolve the issue across the teaching in technology sector. What could you be doing? You could be mentoring a young person. You could take one hour out a quarter to attend a networking event or a STEM committee meeting.

You could even go as far as hiring an Apprentice in an area of technology that you feel most passionate about, whether that is software development, infrastructure or Data Analytics creating new jobs in tech at entry level is an investment for everyone.

If you are a large corporation, you could consider appointing an individual dedicated to representing your business within the community; HP are a great example of achieving this. They have implemented and delivered on Corporate social responsibility policies for years now and continue to implement programmes across the globe. Check out their You Tube channel for some well-founded, solid ideas on incorporating CSR into your business goals and strategies.

There is so much that you can get involved in. we are not here to point fingers, for all we know every person reading this is making a conscious contribution to the United Kingdom’s future generation of Information Technology enthusiasts – our point is – if you are reading this and haven’t managed to find your way and journey towards helping the greater good, do some research, find your passion and share it with the next generation.

Yes, we are a recruitment agency, but what this allows is for us to be at the forefront of what and where in the country recruitment is occurring. What the skills shortages are and how long it takes from idea to hiring. Partnering with a recruitment agency is totally worth it, not just to reduce lead times and free up time for hiring managers to get on with their day jobs, but because the data is there to be shared and to be discussed and new ways of working together in partnership can be created.

We are recruitment professionals working with you to identify the best possible candidates for all of those hard to fill, competitive job roles. We want you to find the best IT professionals, the most passionate tutors, trainers, lecturers, and coaches and to get there we enable open conversations, collaboration and creation of awesome jobs people will want to apply for and successful be offered.
When deciding if recruitment agencies are worth it, start by considering these FIVE points:

  • Are they operating within the same sector as us?
  • Do they have valid reviews and testimonials?
  • Are they driven by quality or quantity?
  • As a company, do they work towards KPI’s or harness success by accountability?
  • Do they have a track record of retention?

Being an advocate for your business is what we are always working towards, we welcome you to get in touch via email or LinkedIn to discuss the benefits of recruitment and partnering with TeachTech Solutions.